Advanced Intuitive Training


Every Second Tuesday of Each Month, 5:00pm - 7:00pm Pacific Time

*This series has no end date. It will go for at least one year. 


This is for graduates of the Energy Academy or similar BPI style Intuitive Training Programs

If you'd like to dive deeper into advanced psychic topics, practice reading and deprogramming with your fellow classmates, and release deeper sets of pictures, join us on the second Tuesday of every month for Advanced Intuitive Training

What You Will Learn in Advanced Training:

Take your reading skills to the next level

Continue to master intuitive reading, healing, and deprogramming with fellow graduates.   

Learn Deeper Levels of Energy Healing

Expand on your skills to heal the aura, chakras, energy channels, and astral body.

Master Deprogramming 

Deprogram limits, family energy, non-havingness, creative blocks and societal energy so you can be free and find your own answers. 

Learn Advanced Tools

There are a number of advanced energy tools that we don't always get to in Intuitive Training. We will explore new, advanced tools to raise your energy to the next level. 

Creating Your Next steps 

With a heightened sense of awareness and havingness, you'll be ready to create your mock ups from a new consciousness and energy level. 

Unlock Your Full Potential As a Spiritual Being

As you fully embrace your true calling and energy as a spiritual being with tools and an ability to read energy, you'll be able to ground into why you are really on this planet, and enjoy the process...with amusement. 

What You'll Get... 

Access to live classes every second Tuesday of the month

Expert training from David, Cody and all the Energy Matters teachers

A library of class replays for on-demand viewing

A supportive community of intuitive readers

Opportunities to practice your reading skills with other graduates

Certificate of Completion

Meet The Teachers

Year One Monthly Themes

Each month we'll explore a different theme to help you deepen your intuitive skills. Here are some of the themes we'll be covering over the next year. 

Programming & Deprogramming
The Crown Chakra
The Astral Body
Collective Pain Pictures 
Setting Energy
Screens and Memory Banks
The 8th Chakra
3 Levels of The Analyzer
Report Stations & Machines
Core Pictures
Reading Advanced Beings

Enrollment Options

Discover the perfect plan that fits your needs. Each option is designed to help you get the most out of your learning journey. Choose the one that suits you best, and remember - you can cancel anytime.

Monthly Class Package



Perfect for those who love to learn at their own pace.

  • Access to monthly live classes
  • Access to a library of recorded classes
  • Access to a private Slack community with other intuitive students

Class Plus Energy Check


(Save $25!)

For those seeking a deeper understanding and personal guidance.

  • Everything from Monthly Class Package
  • Personalized Energy Check: Enjoy a 30-minute session with your preferred teacher. Usually priced at $175, you get all these benefits for just $150!

The Complete Package


(Save $50!)

For those who want to fully immerse themselves in the learning experience.

  • Everything from Class Plus Energy Check Package
  • Reading Space - this is the ultimate package for comprehensive learning and engagement, normally priced at $275. But for you, it's just $225!


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